1. Are your Hard Sodas "Gluten-Free"?

Kind of. We use a triple-distilled, grain-based vodka, which is sometimes referred to as a "neutral grain spirit." Although many studies support the view that distillation removes the gluten from grain spirits, we won't and don't make "gluten-free" claims because some people still report sensitivity to possible trace gluten in such spirits. If you're not sensitive to the possible trace gluten in most vodka, you won't be sensitive to the same possible trace in our hard sodas. But if you are, well, then you will be. And if you don't know, then now you know.

2. Are your Hard Sodas Vegan-friendly?

Yes. Absolutely no vegans are hurt during the production of our hard sodas. Also, there are no animal products whatsoever used in any of our ingredients.

3. Do your Hard Sodas contain caffeine?

Crazy Uncle Hard Soda: Nope. (Nada. Niente.)

4. How many calories are in your Hard Sodas?

About 70 calories per 100mL (325 calories per full 473 mL can)

5. What about sugar, carbs and other stuff?

Hard sodas are definitely a treat - we won't pretend that's not true. Our sodas have the following amount of carbohydrates from cane sugar (listed below per 100 mL serving, and per entire 473mL can).

Hard Root Beer: 10.4g/serving, 49g/can
Hard Cream Soda: 9.5g/serving, 45g/can
Hard Ginger Ale: 9.2g/serving, 43.5g/can
Hard Orange Soda: 10.7g/serving, 50.6g/can

There are 0 g of fat, and 0 g of protein.  

We never use high fructose corn syrup nor any artificial flavours. We've read enough articles to know these are bad decisions for everyone. We believe the best flavours come from natural ingredients. And flavour is everything.


The Jays. They'll find their groove soon and won't look back.