The back bar

We started 361° so we could make mixologist-quality cocktails you could enjoy without having to be at the most exclusive "speak-easy" or the hottest lounge in town.  Our bottled cocktails were composed libations inspired by the skill of true mixologists, and underscored by quality ingredients.  Far from the typical, sugary, chemical(ly), belly-wash oft associated with most of our "ready-to-drink" contemporaries, our cocktails were indeed pre-made, but without sacrificing quality.  Mixology continues to inspire everything we create.  Above all ... "Flavour is everything”.

Here are a few of our favourite bottled cocktails that we may bring back one day but are currently not in production.

The Uber Caesar

An authentic, restaurant-quality version of the quintessential Canadian cocktail. Our all-natural, craft Caesar is prepared with culinary sensibility and without artificial ingredients. No MSG. No high-fructose corn syrup. No artificial anything. Bright notes of vine-ripened tomatoes, grated horseradish and fresh lemon are anchored by savoury undertones of rich aged pepper hot sauce; Worcestershire sauce; real clam broth and spices.